What is a board portal?

The Board Portal is a technology that allows companies to easily and securely provide users and board members with access to board documents to view and interact with on an iPad, Windows tablet, PC, or even on the web in a browser.

Board members should always have a lot of important information at hand. The board portal allows them to dedicate their time to effective collaboration and important business decisions.


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act increased the legal and financial responsibility of boards of directors to fulfill their supervisory duties towards the shareholder, prompting many companies to increase board independence and competence. Due to the higher information and communication needs, the cadence of VR meetings and the amount of meeting documents has increased. This circumstance has given rise to the need to use IT for efficient exchange and interaction with the board of directors.

How Can a Board Portal Bring Productivity?

Board members who sit on the committees are always limited in time; Despite the many demands of their careers, including travel, meetings, voting, and other responsibilities, they are always looking for more time to get their jobs done and ways to work more efficiently. Board portal software is a great way to give directors what they want, but it can also help make the administrator’s job faster and easier.

Just Download

The purpose of the bulletin board portal is to share and distribute files quickly and securely; A good whiteboard portal will convert all file types to PDF immediately after downloading. When you consider how many documents typically fit in a cardboard book, every extra minute saved in file conversion is fast. The portal should also provide board members with tools to mark up and annotate PDFs, whether for personal notes from the pre-meeting or for public discussion of materials.

Manage Meetings and Agendas

One way for admins to keep meetings running smoothly and on time is to make it easier for board members to access important documents during a meeting, which they should do by adding links to the meeting agenda. Administrators can make the accounts, minutes, charters, and by-laws that board members need to read at a meeting instantly available so meetings aren’t delayed when everyone is searching for the right document.

Track Expenses

As board expenses come under increasing scrutiny, instant reporting, tracking and approval can make the process easier and more transparent, and this is one of the benefits of portals that you can learn about on Aprio.net. The board can deduct business-related expenses such as travel tickets, hotel accommodations, supplies and anything related to the business, but the admin must review and approve these requirements. Public and private organizations around the world are facing increased scrutiny of managers’ and directors’ spending. Downloading receipts instantly can make it easier to maintain an organization’s integrity and accountability.

Answers to Questions

Although there are many whiteboard portal software options on the market today that are based on similar technologies and features, the best companies often offer customer service and training. One of the things that sets companies like Aprio apart is their commitment to seamless adoption of their software, ensuring even the most technology-resistant CEOs can use the software with absolute confidence. They offer one-on-one training, while other offerings can only train one administrator, who in turn teaches directors how to use the technology, which inevitably reduces the effectiveness of the training.

As new features are rolled out, customers are offered their quarterly webinars showing them how to get the most out of the Aprio platform, as well as 24/7 customer support. Directors want to be able to work anywhere, anytime, but it also means it’s safe and efficient to use the technology at their disposal. Look for the best training and support from your portal provider.

Advantages of a board portal

Less Stress, More Mobility Anytime and Anywhere at Hand

The powerful features are available both online and offline and therefore available at any time. appearance and functionality of the offline portal are identical to the familiar online version in the office. You have complete and unrestricted control Access via browser, tablet or PC.

Less Risk, More Safety

A system with a holistic protection for your information. Thanks to top-notch security features, Diligent Boardbooks the right choice for your board communication:

    • world’s best hosting infrastructure and data encryption;
    • implementation of the test and verification procedures by external parties security experts;
    • audits according to ssae 16/ isae 3402 security functions of the diligent boardbooks software are iso 27001 certified.

Less Uncontrolled Access, Worry-Free Work

Take control of your information in the right hands. Rest assured that confidential board information is no passed on and made available for no longer than intended will. Users only see the information they need. Organizations retain complete control over all of their data and updates – even on remote devices. The risk of confidential documents being misplaced getting hands is significantly reduced


First Class Support

A support that is available 24/7. You can rely on our support anytime, anywhere – no call center, no automatic announcements, no waiting times.